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About Us

Shandong Aoertong Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the West Road in Qihe Economic Development District, Shandong, China. It is 20 miles away from the capital of Shandong-Jinan. The geography location is superior and the transportation is convenient. The total invest of the enterprise is 140 million yuan and the registered capital is 26 million yuan and it is a competitive fined chemical enterprise with great capital, technology innovation, scientific management and strictly financial management. The enterprise takes technology innovation as the lead and makes efforts to promote the deep process of the following products of coal chemical industry and takes the heavy benzene as the raw material to produce fined chemical products. The main products are: industrial naphthalene, mixed methyl naphthalene, indene, indene(light fuel oil),heavy fuel oil, quinolone, different quinolone, acenaphthene and biphenyl and so on. the production arts are the latest and the supervising method is complete the quality of the products is superior and they are welcomed among the customers. There is a team of technologists with the latest technology and rich experience as well as a sales and management team.

he general manager of the enterprise together with all the employees will stick to the service philosophy that top the quality and the customers to promote the business spirit of the enterprise that” to be honest, ?make every efforts, innovate and create”. The enterprise tries to make the management into rules and to develop the science and technology? and to complete the quality of the products and try to satisfy the customers with the perfect after-sales service and the enterprise would like to cooperate with all the customers and to seek a bright future,

Management philosophy:Compete and open.
Development Strategy:Try to enlarge the resources, market and reduce the cost and improve the efficient.
Management Rules:Standard, serious and honest

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